About Lone Star Jet

J. Michael Lea & Associates was formed in March 1994, specializing in Aircraft Sales, Brokerage and Transportation Analysis in Houston, TX at David Wayne Hooks Airport. As of 2012 we are doing business as Lone Star AvGroup, Inc. dba Lone Star Jet.

38+ years experience in selling and marketing aircraft for Cessna Aircraft Co., Mitsubishi Aircraft Int’l. & Beech Aircraft Corp. with direct responsibly for over $575 million dollars in aircraft sales.

We are a purveyor of quality Piston, Turboprop and Jet aircraft, specializing in Hawker-Beechcraft products, Cessna 400 series, Citations and Midsize jet Aircraft.

We provide expertise in aircraft sales, acquisitions, (new or used), aircraft appraisals and market evaluations. Our focus is “to provide each customer with accurate information for evaluating a potential aircraft, for purchase or for resale”.

Active membership in the following professional group: 40+ years in Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association, (AOPA). Member of Experimental Aircraft Assoc. (EAA) and National Aircraft Appraisers Association-(NAAA)-(Certified Senior Aircraft Appraiser with USPAP endorsement).

J. Michael Lea
7700 Eagle Ln. Hooks Airport
Spring, TX 77379
Ph. (281) 205-4902
Mike @LoneStarJet.com or [email protected]
Web: www.LoneStarJet.com

Mike Lea, born in Oklahoma City, OK March 1949. Raised in the Midwest and graduated from Palatine H.S., in the Chicago area in 1967. Graduated from Western Illinois Univ. 1971 with a B.A. degree in Liberal Arts.

Upon graduating from college, I was commissioned as a 2LT. USAR. Served 10 years in National Guard and Reserve units in MO and KS.

Began Flying in college and got my private license before I graduated from school. I knew then I wanted to be apart of the aviation community. After I got off active duty, I continued my lessons and ended up working for King Radio Corp. in Olathe, KS. In their marketing Dept. I covered 16 States and 2 Providences in Canada mainly flying a Mooney Executive 21 or Piper Arrow. Those were exciting days in aviation and avionics. Digital radios were coming out and the KFC-200 AP/FD system gave everyone a great autopilot to fly.

In late 1976 I went to work for Cessna Aircraft Co. in Wichita, KS. Stayed in Wichita long enough to get checked out in all the piston twins and then was transferred to Denver to the Rocky Mtn. Zone as a Multi Engine Dist. Mgr. I graduated from Cessna College 3 years later and went to work in Lubbock, TX at a full line Cessna Dealership selling planes retail. I was offered a position in a town 100 miles south of Lubbock called Midland, TX. in the middle of the "oil patch". They had a "boom" going on in 1980 and it looked like a good place to raise a family. I was responsible for 17 Cessna Propjet Sales in 18 months.

Mitsubishi Aircraft was looking for a rep in W. Texas and they were introducing a new Business Jet called the Diamond 1. It had great looks and competed with the Cessna Citation II. I was able to stay with Mitsubishi Aircraft until they sold the marketing rights on the Jet to Beech Aircraft in 1986. I found myself looking to continue my relationship with the Diamond II/Beechjet and I was offered a position at the Beech dealership in Houston. I was able to convert myself to a Beechcrafter after a few years and enjoyed working with a great bunch of fellow Beechcrafters in Houston and Wichita, KS.

In 1994 I decided to pursue a dream that I had for a long time and that was to become an independent aircraft broker. I set up my own business with some help from a good customer of mine here in Houston. He gave me the jump start and encouragement I needed to make the transition.

I could not have made it without Mollie's support, she's my companion of 27 years. Along the way we have been blessed with 3 great kids. John lives in Ft. Worth, TX. and I have a boy & girl twins who are in High School. My other best friend is my yellow Lab "Beaux", he's Cajun.

I hope this will give you some idea of my road so far on this adventure. I have had many successes in working for the manufacturer's and I continue to strive in assisting new customers with personal service and my expertise in representing quality Beechcraft & Cessna products. I appreciate the opportunity to serve my loyal clients, who have asked me to either acquire or sell their aircraft over the years.

Mike Lea - President